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Notice / Q&A

[공지] 샘플 워크숍 주제

작업자 관리자 답변완료

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컴팩스에서 진행 가능한 워크숍 주제 샘플입니다.


þ  Academic journal article writing

-       Writing the introduction section

-       Writing the results and discussion sections

-       Writing abstracts

-       Writing the response to reviewers’ letter & other correspondence with the editor

-       How to use citations and avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing

-       Computer-assisted research writing

-       How to improve your writing process

-       Making claims in research writing

-       Language for quantification in English


þ  Biomedical writing

-       Common errors in biomedical research writing

-       Writing a clinical case report (medicine & nursing)

-       Writing a journal editorial


þ  Applications and business communication

-       Writing resumes, CV’s, & cover letters

-       How to write a statement of purpose for graduate school (medical school, law school, business school)

-       Writing grant applications and research proposals

-       Writing recommendation letters

-       Writing effective business emails


þ  English presentation skills 

-       Teaching in English for Korean faculty

-       Conference presentations

-       Dealing with questions after a presentation in English

-       Conference poster version

-       Business presentation skills

-       How to design and write content for PowerPoint slides in English


þ  Skills for journal editors

-       Managing journal retractions, errata, and corrigenda

-       Tips for journal editors on working with an international English editing company


þ  Other general topics

-       Planning & succeeding in the master’s and Ph.D. document writing process

-       Typical errors of Korean writers

-       Integrating Korean and Western rhetorical strategies into your English writing

-       Strategies for improving your English