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This service mostly focuses on the linguistic aspects of the text, and it is useful when no more modification is needed regarding the structure, content, style, or logical flow of the manuscript. We check English grammar, vocabulary, field-specific terminology, capitalization, and punctuation to improve readability. We also make sure that all key terms, abbreviations, numbers, and mathematical terms are used consistently. Brief explanations, with references as appropriate, are provided regarding the reasons for certain revisions.

  • Review for grammatical correctness
  • Check word choice, field-specific terminology, and capitalization
  • Ensure consistent usage of key terms, abbreviations, numbers, and mathematical terms

Value-added services

1) Response to reviewers

• When editing responses to reviewers, we take particular care to ensure that an appropriate tone and style are used, both for situations in which you are explaining a revision that you made in response to feedback from a reviewer, and in the more delicate scenario of explaining why it was not possible to revise the manuscript according to a reviewer’s request. Responses are also crosschecked with the revised manuscript.

2) Re-edit

• Re-editing services provide an opportunity to fine-tune the intended meaning of certain parts of the manuscript, as well as to ensure that revisions made in response to reviewers’ requests are smooth, coherent, and grammatically correct.
• We double-check whether changes introduced into the text themselves require additional revisions to other parts of the text (e.g., for consistency in abbreviation usage, or sometimes changing a single phrase in a long sentence has implications for the overall grammatical structure of the sentence).

3) Cover letter

• We ensure that the main content of the manuscript is appropriately highlighted for the editor-in-chief in light of the journal’s focus and readership, and follow any specific guidelines that the target journal has for cover letters.